Engen Books announced that my feral mermaid story, Stormslayer, will be appearing in their upcoming anthology Sea Stories from the Rock which means I don’t have to keep it a secret anymore. Huzzah! I got attached to my feral mermaid protagonist (also named Stormslayer) as I was writing her story so I’m glad she’s found a home in a collection of fourteen other sea tales. Hmm… I wonder if that makes them a school of stories.

behold, ye cover!

The collection is now available to pre-order for kindle or paperback. Click here to head over to the usual place. If you’re in Canada, like me, you can order directly from the publisher’s website here.

I hope spring (or fall if you’re on the other side of world) has found you well. Things are greening up here and it’s so wonderful to feast on colour instead of winter’s endless white. “No Mow May” has exploded in dandelions and wild strawberry blossoms to accompany the elderberry and cherry blossoms on the trees here at home. I’ve picked out three specific bee species and even got to see a hummingbird moth (my first!) in the dandelions earlier this week. Of course the nice weather also brought out the black flies and the harder garden labours, but it all evens out.

I’ll leave you with this little phoenix of spent tulip petals I wanted to capture before they turned to ash. Till next time!

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