It is a matter of some oddity that while you may have read my words before, you probably haven’t heard me say any. Thanks to the power of uh, telephones, and the illustrious interwebs, you can now listen to an interview with me over at writer Andrew Marc Rowe’s podcast Holy Flamingo Poop. We talk about forests, mythology, magic, and what three books I’d take with me to Mars. While you’re there, be sure to check out Andrew’s books and see if there’s something you like.

In other news, I’m still venturing ever forward on my Enchanted Newsletter Side Quest. I bought a cover for my reader magnet, so there’s commitment involved, it’s happening. The reader magnet is going to be short story about a side character in the cozy fantasy novel I’m hoping to publish late this year. She’s an unusual witch that was inspired by this beautiful book dress designed by Sylvie Facon. I’d love to paste a picture here so you can share in my excitement, but for copyright reasons, you’ll have to click that link to check them out. Sorry!

I don’t want to leave you without anything to look at, so here’s a photo of what’s probably a bit of old man’s beard moss sitting atop a rotting log and definitely not some sort of lichen-beast crawling home to its forest lair.

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