I came across Makeisha in Time by Rachael K. Jones as it was published as a reprint in the sample issue of Constelación Magazine. It pulled me with Makeisha’s “matryoshka life” – one that pulls her from the present to live lifetimes scattered through the past before running her to the age and moment she first left. Her exploits in the past thrilled me and her frustrations with the present felt real. It’s a fantastic story about erasure and triumph and it’s one I’ll be thinking about for a long while to come. You can read the story by clicking here and following the link.

It’s worth noting for the writers out there that Constelación is opening from December 15th to January 1st for stories on the theme of “Myth and Monsters.” Constelación is a new market that pays pro writes and publishes stories in both English and Spanish. I’m excited to read their first issue.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

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