Yesterday I discovered my Metaphorosis story, Zsezzyn, Who is Not a God, made a list of Must-Read Short Speculative Fiction for June 2020 on – seriously, click here, I’m not making this up. I checked it a bunch of times to make sure it was real and – it appears to be?

Now, this probably isn’t a huge deal if you’re famous, but as Unknown Writer #4897980z I – just read my name on (whaaaaaaaaat?). This is very encouraging!

Also? Metaphorosis editor B. Morris Allen put some serious work into this story. They had me change the ending, tweak this, tweak that, change Zsezzyn’s name so it stops making that association to readers, and this other thing too. I was challenged, they were patient, and the story is so much better for their hard work and skill.

If you haven’t read the story or you would like to read it again, Zsezzyn, Who is Not a God is available to read or listen to on the Metaphorosis website here.

I’ve mentioned a few times in the life of this blog that in writing nothing happens for a looooooong time and then everything happens at once. In keeping with that, Engen Books decided that the Must-Read list is a good time to announce some news I’m relieved I don’t have to keep under my hat anymore:


You’ll have to wait a little longer to hear more about this project, but November isn’t too far off.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find some success and something to equally encourage your work today. Keep writing, and please, keep healthy.

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