I’ve been neglecting my between-Sundays posts during this strange time of plague and for that I am sorry. I had planned to fill the space with book reviews but stress has given me a case of reader’s block that I’m hoping will clear up soon. But, I have been writing, editing, and doing writer-adjacent activities. One of those was trying out facebook live and reading a story for the stuck-at-home masses. I’m camera-shy so it was difficult to work up the guts to try it, but it went well and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I set the settings to public, so if you’re interested, and especially if you have a kiddo around,click here and go have a listen. The story I’m reading is called ‘Toby’s Alicorn Adventure’ and it was originally published in Cricket a few years ago.

Today is also the release day of the Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock anthology, which is home to my story Parachutes and Grappling Hooks as well as many other wonderfully pulpy stories and even pulpier writers. You can check that out by clicking here.

I hope you are well. If you are doing any online things to entertain or promote your work, feel free to drop a link in the comments so I can support you. See you Sunday!

pile of hardbound books with white and pink floral ceramic teacup and saucer
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

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