Cat Rambo, an SF writer I very much look up to, firmly believes writers should post their awards-eligible work, to let readers know what stories they are proudest of, and get those stories into more hands. You can read Cat’s post about it here.  And while I agree with her, I’ll admit this does feel uncomfortable BUT I think if I post this year, all subsequent years will go a little easier. Here’s hoping.

The original story published this year I am proudest of is my fantasy short story The Night Janitor in the anthology UNLOCKING THE MAGIC, edited by Vivian Caethe.

“The magic likes you,” said Solomon.

Zain felt like he’d had the wind punched out of him. His eyes stung with gathering tears.  “Where was all this magic when I needed it most?”

Solomon grunted gently. “What if this is when you need it most?”

Zain gulped at the air. Things like this did not happen, not to him, not to anyone. A moon could not be hauled from the sky, sunbeams weren’t stored in bottles, and boys did not meet old murderers with guns in the middle of the night and survive. They died. Oh god, they died, and he wanted so desperately to live.

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