I have lived my whole life with the privilege of peace
Never knowing it a privilege
And now as Evil knocks upon my door
As it rips children from their mothers
And flings them to sell their flesh in the street
As it invades my community with this sudden fad of hate
I see it in my brothers face
in my sisters sense of race
I do not know how to endure it
How to fight without gagging on the bile of my revulsion
And my contempt for the inhumanity that says we are all different
That justifies immoral acts with the sputum of a child’s tantrum
I’ll not leave it to some Great Invisible
To judge you for your crimes.
I see you, Monsters, gathering around me
All your hate on proud display
You are seen and you are judged evil
I record your every act
Your every curse, your each betrayal
And I will yell it across the expanse of time
To each and every generation down the road
And they will hold up pictures of your faces, stolen from your instagram and say
This! This is what Evil looks like
This is what we must guard against
It looks like you or me,

with all their hate consuming them confusing them confounding them
Nothing but hate on display
While love sells its flesh on the street

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