Hello and welcome to the June installment of the Insecure Writer’s Support (IWSG). As the name suggests, we’re a bunch of over-confident writers who get together to discuss our top-secret plans to fix the Earth’s climate and resurrect dinosaurs with necromancy and a good souffle. Or, and this is more likely, this post is part of a support network for confidence-challenged writers everywhere. If you’d like to join up or read along, click here to see the other writers taking part.

This month’s optional IWSG question asks what genre do we read and write in. I write speculative fiction short stories, science fiction and fantasy more so than horror, and I read the same. Short story collections, magazines, and anthologies make my heart beat faster. Short fiction is where my writing is focused at this point, so that’s what I need to be reading. My favorite short story writers working in spec fic right now are Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, Brooke Bolander, and France Wilde.

In writing news, it has been announced that I’m going to be one of the authors in Engen’s upcoming Flights From the Rock anthology. ‘The Rock’ refers to Engen’s home province, Newfoundland. The anthology celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Trans-Atlantic flight. I’ve got a few friends in this one which is a good feeling AND it marks my first reprint sale. Engen has since revealed the anthology’s cover as well, so here it is in all it’s whimsy:

10 thoughts on “IWSG: June, spec fic, and flights

  1. Woot on the anthology! I occasionally deviate into shorter fiction, though I usually don’t put much effort into smaller works unless I’m inspired. Anthologies are fun, though!

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  2. Congratulations! Well done! I completely agree with you on the excitement of picking up a short story or short fiction collection. And done well, they just hit the sweetest spot. I’m taking the authors you noted as recommendations (hopefully you don’t mind). Also, I’m all about resurrecting dinosaurs via necromancy :’)

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