Sometimes, even less often than once upon a time, a goblin and a fairy will find themselves an excellent match and fall in love. Humans tend to struggle with this idea because of an odd determination that one is pretty and the other ugly, but most of that is related to the way human vision hides true beauty from their sight.

The offspring of such a mythical romance is called a ‘fairlyn’ if the father is fairy and the mother goblin. If the mother is the fairy, and the father goblin, the term ‘gobry’ is employed.

The fairlyn, in particular, has proved to be in possession of powerful magic due to hybrid vigor. The gobry’s hybrid vigor often results in an unusually long lifespan, with just theĀ  regular amount of magic one would expect from a fairy or goblin. The oldest known gobry was recorded to be thirteen hundred and thirty six years old on their deathbed. In contrast, the average fairlyn lives to be seven hundred and fifty years old.

Neither the fairlyn nor the gobry have ever been considered ‘common’ even among their mythical brethren. Mythical scientists estimate perhaps one or two are born every century, placing them on the ‘impossibly rare’ list of fae sightings, and making anyone who encounters one lucky indeed.


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