the unexpected toddler bed

We went away last weekend and our daughter was very concerned about what hotels were like. She must have asked us thirty times on the way to our hotel where she would be sleeping. Getting a bit frustrated with explaining that there are beds in hotels over and over again, we told her she would have to sleep in the bathtub. She was silent the rest of the drive as she thought that over. But we had forgotten that it was a four-year-old we were dealing with. She insisted upon sleeping in the bathtub when we got there.


how to pack a little extra time

I was packing for a trip the other day when my toddler comes into the room with her alarm clock. It was a gift from my brother and boasts a picture of Tinkerbell and a dead battery.

“We can’t forget to pack this.”

“Why do we need that?” I ask.

She looks at me, stunned. “So we don’t run out of time, of course!” she tells me in a tone which suggests this should be obvious.

In the suitcase it went. It’s always good to have a little extra time just in case.