Those first green things, so timid in the light and so unafraid of frost, are the bravest souls I know. Before the trees unfurl their leaves they’re there, daring to bloom in the sunlight while it lasts. Before it’s hidden away. One glorious week or two of brilliant life until it fades away, happy, satisfied, willing to wait another year for its time in the sun to come ’round again. I wish I could be half so patient.

the queen’s scepter

The noise of the crowd fell away as she stepped forward to accept her scepter. She forgot to breathe a moment when she first saw it. It would be the symbol of her reign and it was far more beautiful than she had hoped. She gripped it with her left hand and held it high. “Let the leafing out begin!” she called to the trees, and the forest filled with cheering.


pussy willows


The little boy screwed up his face as he looked at the pussy willows. “I just don’t get it. How can something start life at the end of a tiny branch and grow up to be an animal that purrs at our feet and chases mice in the basement?”

His sister shrugged. “Maybe that’s where the stork finds them before he brings them to their mommies.”

He stared at them a moment, considering. “That makes sense.”

magic wands in spring

The wizard narrowed his eyes at the children. They watched in horror as he reached for his wand. Should they run? Was there anywhere to hide? They held their breath as he muttered a few rhymes and pointed his wand at them…and nothing happened at all, for it was spring and the wand was far too busy growing buds and dreaming of leaves to bother with children just being kids and a grumpy old wizard.



spring bulbs


The spring bulbs peeped up from the leaf litter, worried they might be a little early or worse – too late! Cold winds swirled around, carrying the sounds of hungry robins and the smell of damp soil. They waited a few more days, working up their courage, before bursting above the old leaves and claiming their place in the sun.