forest tyrannosaurs


“There’s a wasps’ nest over here, come on!” said the boy.

“Are you sure?” asked the first girl.

“Yeah, it’s right over here – oh. Oh no.”

“What happened?” asked the second girl.

“Something got to it.” The boy poked at the broken chunk of nest with a stick.

“Something must have broken it open to eat the wasps,” suggested the first girl.

The second girl’s eyes grew wide. “What kind of a monster eats wasps?”

“One with an armored mouth?” the boy suggested.

The first girl nodded her head in agreement. “And thick, tough skin that a stinger can’t break through.”

The boy gasped. “It’s a T-Rex!” he wailed.

That was all it took. They all ran home in a dreadful fright, certain a tyrannosaurus rex lurked somewhere close.

A raccoon, munching on wasp larva high in the tree, watched them go, wondering what all the fuss was about.

forest games


The raccoon nestled into the tree and began to feel sleepy. “Stay awake this time,” he told himself. He dug his claws into the bark and sniffed at the refreshing moss, but it did little good. His eyelids began to droop.

When he reopened his eyes the day had flown and night had fallen. An owl perched across the tree hooted at him. “Fell asleep again, didn’t you?”

The raccoon blushed beneath his mask. “Yeah.”

“Tsk tsk. You’re either the best or the worst hide-and-seek player in the forest,” said the owl, and flew off after a mouse.