fairies vs goblins


The moss fairies hid behind the castle, waiting for the goblins to pass by. As soon as they did, the fairies leaped from their hiding place and stole the pots and kettle the goblins wore on their heads as helmets. The goblin chased them all over the forest, until twilight fell and they all made friends again, returning the pots and kettle and sharing their dinners before scurrying off to their homes for a sleep, ready to begin again tomorrow.

the tree swing

The tree sat down in the swing, feeling uneasy. Trees were the ones that held swings, not the ones doing the swinging, but the boy insisted he try it. The tree lifted up its roots and let go of the earth just for a moment and soared through the air on the swing. It gulped and stopped, eager to feel the reassuring weight of the earth on its roots again. It was good to try new things, but once was enough for this tree.

copyright Jennifer Shelby