fried green tomato bullies



The voice sounded small and far away. He looked around, seeing nothing but a forest of tomato plants and a few rows of carrots.

“Down here!”

He knelt down. Something seemed familiar about one of green tomatoes: the way it bulged, the tilt of the wizard’s cap upon its head. He gasped. “Reginald, is that you?”

“Yes! That mean old hedge witch turned me into a tomato.”

“Reginald, what did you do to her?”

“It doesn’t matter! Just get me out of here!”

He thought it over. On the one hand, he loved a fried green tomato sandwich, and Reginald could be something of a bully. On the other hand, the idea of eating a friend, even a bad friend in tomato form, made his stomach twist in strange ways. “I’ll go get help.”