the dragon’s cave


There were better caves, cozier caves, and safer caves on mountaintops. Just the same, this one with the happy sound of a rollicking river always present, was the one the dragon chose for his den. One morning a chunk of the cliff calved away and littered his entryway. It was intended to oust the beast. Instead, the dragon admitted, in his easygoing way, the art of stone landscaping was better left to the cliff’s discretion and cheerfully stepped around it. The cliff was so impressed it changed its mind at once and soon grew proud to host such a fiery tenant.



He felt unsure of his new body. There were limbs sticking out every which way already and every day something new uncoiled he had no idea what to do with. He did his best not to panic but he was beginning to have grave concerns about who or what he was going to be at the end of all of this.